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I saved a dog’s life today… thousands of miles from the clinic.

Today, I was walking from my hotel to a restaurant.  A lady and her elderly dog were also standing at the corner of this busy intersection.  Her dog was not on a leash and seemed a little nervous with all the traffic, yet was staying within a few paces of her mama.  The dog’s gait was stiff and arthritic, similar to the lady’s.

She was telling me that her car got a flat tire, and she didn’t have her phone with her, or a leash… so she was trying to get over to the gas station to make a phone call.  There was panic in her voice.

The traffic stopped, and we all started to cross, but the dog was very timid about the street.  She kept stopping in the crosswalk, and her owner didn’t have great mobility or strength.  They both were starting to panic.  Drivers were impatiently edging into the intersection.  I gently grabbed the big dog’s neck by handful of scruff and baby-talked the pup through the busy intersection.


The lady was so grateful.  She thanked me profusely and said that I “just saved [her] dog’s life.”  Was it that profound to me?  No.   It was a simple act of kindness, and I know any of you would have done the same.  But to her, it was the world because her dog was safe.

It got me to thinking…. we should all check our vehicles for these emergency dog supplies, especially given the winter weather:

–  A slip-lead leash (like these)

–  Extra dog food/water

–  A blanket (thermal ones like this are nice)

They could come in handy for your dog or a stray.

Let’s do this.  Be prepared to be a pet hero!


To your pet’s health~

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(I did not take a photo of the nice lady with her dog today, but this photo reminded me of them)


One comment on “I saved a dog’s life today… thousands of miles from the clinic.

  1. Relief Technicians
    May 4, 2014

    That’s a great work you did. Really a great one. Helping pet is awesome and appreciated. Tanks for sharing.

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