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The Story of Infinity Pet Health

I was at a wonderful conference yesterday of inspiring Texas women, and several times I was asked about my new venture.  May I share that story, in part, with you here today?


My vision of Infinity Pet Health is a place where people can discover solutions to their family’s health concerns, including their furry family members.  There are countless businesses centered on helping people get healthy.  Similarly, many veterinary clinics and industry sites offer pet information.  But, my goal is to provide information that can be integrated… for adults, kids, and pets…. to enhance the physical, emotional, and energetic health of the entire family.   This is a place where I combine my passion and knowledge of human and veterinary wellness, and offer that information to pet lovers anywhere.  By sharing my experiences, research, and reviews through blog content, consultation, and recommendations, I am empowering a community of well-informed, healthy, pet parents to take control of their health, their pets’ health, and the family’s health.  Together (in the words of James Harriott), we will help all creatures great and small.

 In my heart, I have always been, and will always be, a veterinarian.

When I was in second grade, my dog Sheltie dumped over the kitchen trashcan and ate garbage.  It wasn’t until a few days later, that we realized something was wrong.  She wasn’t her perky border collie self, and she wasn’t keeping down her food.  My mom and I took her to the vet, and he discovered she had a chicken bone lodged cross-wise in the back of her throat.  I remembering him giving her an injection of anesthesia, and her slumping over, asleep, on the exam table.  With my mom’s help (back in the day, he didn’t have any assistants), he was able to open her mouth and pull out her tongue, and I remember wondering if there was a spot in the back of her mouth where the excess tongue rolled up like in a tape measurer.  With her asleep, her tongue seemed a mile long.  He reached deep in the back of her throat with forceps and was able to remove the lodged piece of bone.  He was my hero.  From that day on, I wanted to be a veterinarian.

The highs and lows.

After going to college and on to vet school, I was ready for the real world.  It was quite exciting to transition from school, where every case is reviewed by the experts before you execute a thing, into my first clinic.  But, don’t worry, new graduates are more than ready to hit the ground running from a medical perspective, but they often lack the confidence to act on that knowledge.  That was the case for me.  But with mentors and experience, I grew into my own and learned to love the profession even more.

Over the years, I have experienced the highs and lows of being a vet.  The highs are when we “win”…. meaning our team of doctors, technicians, and staff have had the chance to sort through a medical or surgical challenge, with the pet parents and family supporting the journey, and the pet healed from whatever ailed him or her.  The highs are when new puppies dance into the exam room, licking everyone, and leaving that “puppy breath” smell on us all… some people love the smell, others can’t stand it, but to me, it is intoxicating!  The highs are when we see sick animals become well, and healthy animals stay that way.  But of course there are lows.

The lows are when we “lose”…. when we fall in love with a pet, and the pet falls ill to a disease that has a terrible prognosis.  Last Friday, I walked into an exam room with a new pet I had never met, and he was a sweetheart, as were his parents.  Even without labwork or fancy tests, I was 99% certain this 5-year-old dog had terminal cancer.  The lows are when the treatments that “should” work do not, when the pet parents do not give the medications or do the treatments, or the pets refuse the treatments.  The lows are when the pet parents love their pets so deeply, but are not in a financial position to perform the treatments.  One of my clients did absolutely everything we recommended as far as diagnosing and treating her cat’s diabetes.  She was administering insulin injections every 12 hours, monitoring the cat, and coming in every 2 weeks for checkups and bloodwork because this cat was a tough one to get regulated.  The cat ultimately declined, and she lovingly asked me to euthanize her kitty.  After he passed, through tears, she confessed that there was a little part of her that was relieved he had passed because now she could afford her own insulin.  Unbeknownst to me, she had chosen to place her cat’s medical care above maintaining her own diabetes medications.  That broke my heart.

The shift.

I have been a veterinarian for over 15 years.  During that time, I have enjoyed the typical career of an associate veterinarian as well as a somewhat less explored option of being a “relief” vet.  I even mixed in half a decade as a biomedical engineer designing spinal implants for humans so I wouldn’t feel like my undergraduate degree was for naught, while I worked weekends at the vet clinic.

In human medicine, they call what I do now “prn” work, but basically it means I fill-in just like a substitute teacher would.  Some times, it’s for a day, others it’s for a few weeks or longer.  For me, this career option solved some challenges for me.  As a mother of 3 small boys, it gave me the ability to spend fewer Saturdays at the clinic.  It allowed me permission to have extended time with my family and work an abbreviated week, relative to most veterinarians.  And, I enjoy visiting various clinics and learning from their varied perspectives as well.

Almost 2 years ago, when my youngest was still an infant, I made this shift to being an entrepreneur in the veterinary world.  Shortly thereafter, a friend introduced me to a health and wellness company whose products changed my health dramatically, and I delved deeper into the entrepreneur world.  Despite eating organic, clean foods, my stress level was high and I was struggling with losing the baby weight.  There was such pure, dense nutrition in the products that I felt amazing improvements in my energy and overall well-being.  The physical shift, although significant and noticeable, was minute in my mind compared to the happiness quotient and vitality I felt, and continue to feel daily.

I found I have a passion for helping people with their health too.  Through working with this premier health and wellness company, I was finally able to help the people in my life which included the parents of all the pets I love.  I finally had a very real tool that could assist them in feeling their best, and I knew I had to share it.


My vision.

After being on these products over a year, I had the realization that I am being called to manifest this same epiphany of wellness for pets.  By focusing on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle improvements, we can better the health and longevity of the entire family.  By sorting through the facts and opinions for you on the topics of kibble versus raw diets, supplements versus none, purified water versus tap, to name a few, I can make it easier for you to have a clear and concise plan for your pet.  Similarly, I will share advice for people from time to time.  After all, we may not be furry and little, but we need to be healthy so we can keep our pets healthy as well.  They love us to infinity…. and we return the favor!

Sadly, it can be difficult to pets to receive excellent nutrition, even on high-quality dog and cat food.  Homecooking is an option, but not without its difficulties.  And, similar to human grocery food diets (or worse, fast-food), key nutrients are lacking.  Obesity is prevalent and leads to many diseases and conditions such as diabetes and arthritis.

Another huge hurdle to raising healthy pets is their indoor lifestyle.  Most dogs and cats are the equivalent of teenagers sitting on the couch playing video games.  They lack the physical and mental stimulation to thrive.  By making small (or large) changes in a cat or dog’s environment, big things can improve!

By creating Infinity Pet Health, I am able to share information that will allow pet parents to know the most current information on nutrition, exercise, and lifestyle and how to integrate that into the whole family’s dynamic to create their ideal health and, in some cases, wealth.

Have you ever wished your pet had a job?

Let’s not avoid the obvious… pets can be expensive!  Affording the best nutrition and care for your pets can be a tough reality.  As veterinarians, we hear that concern expressed daily given the staggering number of people who are unemployed or struggling to get on their feet financially.  It can be so heartbreaking to know that a family felt forced into making a decision that they regret based purely on finances.  With money comes options and freedoms that scarcity does not allow.  In some cases that freedom is the freedom to give an animal a higher quality, longer life.

For a special subset of people who want this better life for themselves and their pets financially, I am able to show them a tried and true path to improving their health for free, or even creating real additional income.  That extra bit will not resonate with everyone, and that’s perfectly fine with me, but I would be remiss to not let you know that option exists.  By sharing a way to improve cash-flow in the nooks and crannies of your day, I hope to inspire you to never let lack or doubt stand in the way of your efforts to provide the best for your family.


What if your best friend was a vet?

I have a wealth of knowledge to share with you.  You will be able to hear the same advice that I give to my best friends.  By combining traditional and alternative veterinary knowledge, the Infinity Pet Health website will be your guide to the best health for you and your pets, and it will be my way to give back.

In addition to the blog content, I am offering FREE consultations regarding your family’s health and identifying specific solutions to meet the health and wellness goals of you and your pets.  I am also available for questions and take topic requests for future blogs.

Animals can be such great motivation and inspiration to us, and I believe that getting healthy together is the only way to go.  Let’s get the whole family healthy!

I encourage each of you to join our Facebook group.  Please comment below and SHARE.

To your whole family’s health~

Dr. Margo Hunt

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2 comments on “The Story of Infinity Pet Health

  1. Susy
    November 20, 2013

    Margo, it’s wonderful to see that you are following your own path so confidently and helping others do the same. You are inspiring.

    • Margo Hunt, DVM
      November 20, 2013

      Thanks Susy! I hope you’ll join our community and add your value to the group. All the best~

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