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Cool cat! Bad idea?

20130621-130612.jpg Have you ever seen a savannah cat up close? They are fantastic! Their markings vary from spots to stripes and they are the epitome of exotic. A while back I saw a 9w old kitten that looked the size of a 3-4 month old regular, domestic shorthair cat. These guys can get huge!

Savannah cats are a hybrid between a domestic cat and a serval. They are incredibly beautiful animals, but I’d never own one. Full grown, they are pretty large and can be quite a handful. I’ve known some nice ones, but let’s face it, there’s a lot of “wild” left in these cats.

Earlier in my career, I used to see quite a few exotics, but now that I’m a relief vet at various clinics, it’s a rare occurrence, but a savannah cat was in the clinic today to be neutered by another vet. The savannah was absolutely majestic and quite docile for a 14 pound powerhouse at a mere 6 months of age. I wouldn’t be surprised if he was over 30 lbs full-grown, nor if he became quite dominant, perhaps aggressive. Wild animals were not meant to be pets.

Before you run off to find one of these beauties for your own, know that they are considered dangerous animals by many cities, and you might be required to carry thousands of dollars of insurance if you have one, as well as keep him in a special enclosure. Check the laws in your area. Also, check with your vet… Many vets refuse to see them given we may have to carry special insurance as well, they’re a potential risk to staff. As with any new critter, do your research first!

(Photo from Google images, free for reuse)


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