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Gluten – Is it as bad as they say?

images-7  You might be surprised to learn how many people & pet conditions can be linked to gut health. One of the biggest issues relates to Gluten Intolerance. Removing gluten from your diet can improve the ratio of good-to-bad bacteria in your gut, improve the barriers to “bad” things from ever being absorbed into your system.

In dogs and cats, poor gut immunity often manifests as skin disease.  This happens because the gut is the barrier to “big” proteins getting through the defenses and into circulation.  When the gut is healthy, only small, broken-down proteins can get into the bloodstream, and they are somewhat “ignored” by the immune system.  However, when the gut lining is “leaky” it allows larger proteins to pass.  Proteins are typically what triggers the immune response.  When these are identified, the body sees them as foreign, and takes action in the form of inflammation.  This inflammation manifests as chronic disease, acute gastrointestinal upset, immune disorders, and skin disease.  By improving the health of the gut with proper pH balance, strong intestinal flora, and minimizing inflammation, these conditions improve.

It is not uncommon that a person never knew they were intolerant to gluten until they do a trial to eliminate it.  Once the gut heals, they notice significant improvements in various areas of their health.  Similarly, if a pet is sensitive to gluten, that can occur.  Gluten intolerance appears to be less common in pets than people, but that may just be a numbers game.  People often are looking for gluten issues more so than pet owners are for their pets.

Raw diets or gluten-free commercial diets may be advantageous for pets.  Many people find improvements with paleo, GAP, and other gluten-free diets given their effects on this cascade of inflammation.

My nutritional system makes going gluten-free very easy and simple for people, especially those of us who don’t have the time to cook every meal at home.

Gluten-Free Recipes for People
Gluten-Free Options For Dogs and Cats | Delight Gluten Free Magazine

Enjoy a less bloated, less toxic you!! And let your pets enjoy that benefit too.
~Dr. Hunt


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